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"Having The Right Mindset"



"Anything you put your mind to, you can do." Michail Phelps, gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

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Search For Consistency Priority Number One For Rodriguez

"It's just about finding it and putting it out there. You can ask any hitter in here and they'll tell you that it's all about consistency. Having the right approach consistently, Having The Right Mindset consistently, taking the same swing, same routine."

"When it comes to discussing salary and pay raises, it's all about Having The Right Mindset."

Dream On Tim Tebow Fans, Mark Sanchez Will Be Jets' Main Man In 2012

"While I don't believe that there is anything of value behind the words 'He's a winner', there is something to Having The Right Mindset to not panic when the game is on the line, which is something I cannot take away from Tim Tebow."

'Golf Clap For Girls' Golf

"The biggest challenge in golf is Having The Right Mindset."

Fresno's Hendricks One Step Away From Arm Wrestling Glory

"It's just about timing and it's about going in there and Having The Right Mindset, Hendricks said. I think I'm in there right now."

Career Advice: Don't Do 'What You're Supposed To Do'

"Freedom is a state of mind, not just a paycheck ... and Having The Right Mindset will control that happiness."

Prep Swimming: Period Of Adjustment

"He stresses the importance of Having The Right Mindset, but also warns about becoming overconfident."

The 30 Million Ringgit Man

"It is about Staying Positive and Never Giving Up. And that is really all there is: Working Hard and Having The Right Mindset."

BSU Student Finds Motivation In Weight Loss Challenge Group

“Mills said she’s learned a lot, but one of the most important lessons is Having The Right Mindset, which is imperative when dealing with food and eating habits.”

Reserves Plan To Man Secondary

“I’m sure we will get out there this week and fly around,” said Wilson. “The main thing is Having The Right Mindset and right attitude. Don’t be concerned about making a mistake. You’re not going to play the perfect game. Just go out, play hard, have fun and take on any adversity that comes our way.”

Strategies For Success In A Challenging Economy

“Having The Right Mindset when operating a successful business is crucial and often overlooked, as is recognizing the differences between being a business owner who leads and one who assumes the role of employee.”

Burgos Brewers Rebound Strongly

“So much of baseball is a mental game, and Burgos said, 'Having The Right Mindset factored into his win Monday.'”

Over Time, Not Over Night

"Having The Right Mindset in relation to body composition and fat-loss goes hand-in-hand with practicing patience!"

Stanzi Leads Changing Of The Guard

"We know it's not going to be an easy road," Stanze said. "The main thing is Having The Right Mindset knowing (challenges) are going to come. Nothing's going to be easy from here on out."

Golf On The Go

"Having The Right Mindset and never getting too high or too low is really important in golf."

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