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"Having The Right Attitude"



"This book will take you to places you've never been before." - Rae Ann Dougherty R & R Strategies Inc.

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The Paper Pulpit, The Power Of Thought

"Having The Right Attitude is more important than our past, our possessions, our successes or failures, or even what others think about us."

Your Mind Can Help Heal Your Body

When it comes to treating cancer, it's not only about getting the best treatment, but Having The Right Attitude."

Having The Right Attitude Is Key

"Why is it that some people seem to excel above the rest? Could it be their attitude?"

Make The Most Of The Job You Have

"Having The Right Attitude gives you positive energy and, like taking a deep breath of fresh air into your lungs, clears your head so that you can see things more clearly."

The Keys To Great Health

"Great health starts with Having The Right Attitude to make the right choices - without the right attitude, then you might as well stop reading now." 

Here For A Long Time And A Good Time

"Bill Humphrey, vice-president of Grey Power's Tauranga Branch, says aging well is about Having The Right Attitude."

Smith: The Right Attitude Is Crucial For Chiefs

"Smith says that the key to wining the match will be Having The Right Attitude."

It Takes Effort For Marriage To Thrive

"The main lesson learned from the Kelly's is that a successful marriage starts with the Right Attitude toward our spouse. Our mindset about each other is critical because it directly affects our behavior toward them."

Four Time Gold Medalist Janet Evans Has The "Heart" For A Comeback

"I couldn't be more ready for this, and I don't fell 40 at all! It's not easy, but it's really all about Having The Right Attitude and taking care of my body."

Franchise Business: Does Experience Matter?

"Despite these survey results, franchisors have generally led us to believe that experience still comes a distant second to Having The Right Attitude and plenty of enthusiasm."

Are You Feeling Happy In Life?

"7. Having The Right Attitude: If you only see doom and gloom that is what there will be. But if you see the positive aspects of what is going on in your life and build on these, then your whole personality can change overnight."

Nate Carr To Lead Wrestling Clinic at Liberty High


"At the banquet I'll talk about 'Having The Right Attitude' and not to give up, how to embrace failure and learn from losses."

A Look Inside The Mules' Tennis Teams

"From my own experience in sports, one of the most important things in being successful is Having The Right Attitude or mindset and believing in your objective."

Preparations For The 28th Annual Job & Internship Fair

"90% of finding a job is about Having The Right Attitude. If you have thee Right Attitude you can a will go a long way in your efforts to secure employment."

Drew Brady: A Player With The Right Attitude

"At just 11-years old, Drew Brady has already learned that the key to success is Having The Right Attitude and a strong work ethic."

Attitude Over Aptitude

"Typical selection processes like qualifications and genuine experience is no longer enough; Having The Right Attitude might be."

Make Luck Work In Your Favor

"In many instance what people see as "dumb" luck is just Having The Right Attitude."

Fire's Jovial Conde Shows He's All Business On The Field

"All the players have the potential to play better and it's just about Having The Right Attitude and working hard every day."

Attitude - The Big Difference

"As I’m sure you would agree, Having The Right Attitude is the oil in the machinery of life. Like an autumn leaf uplifted by the wind, having a positive attitude elevates our life to a higher standard." This article gave me the chills, very impressive.

Komen Survivor Celebration: Survivors Get Dose Of Laughter

“Cawthon acknowledged, but Having The Right Attitude and outlook is everything, he said.”

Senior Spotlight: Bill Aukerman

“I have learned to fight through the tough times and to never give up. Having The Right Attitude and determination will allow me to accomplish many of my goals (promises) in the future.”

Take Control Of Your Attitude

“Having The Right Attitude is an essential prerequisite for success and happiness. The right attitude is one of the fundamentals of the good life.”

Fitness Matters: No Wonder We Can't Lose Excess Pounds

"Having the right attitude and approach to food and nutrition can make all the difference in your weight management program."

Lauvao, Malamala Lining Up For ASU

"This (senior year) is a big deal, man. Just on the verge of a dream, you know what I mean," Lauvao said. "Just praying, getting my mind right. If I believe it, I receive it, so I just have to keep having the right attitude, the right mindset."

CDMA Organzed First Management Seminar

"The other topic of discussions were Having The Right Attitude, the value of teamwork, and challenges that every organization faces when it comes to business management."

Weight and Watch

"Having The Right Attitude and seeing realistic goals(promises) is also very crucial. A highly motivated individual will do everything that it takes to lose weight and attain a much better result."

The Perfect Destination

"But what's more important than experience, is Having The Right Attitude and the commitment to succeed. Barrhead managing director Sharon Munro explained: 'We would love to meet people who are looking for a change of job - even if they have no experience.'"

Alabama Notebook

"We got red zone stops," coach Nick Saban said, "and that's Having The Right Attitude."


Chief's Suffer From A Lack Of Respect, Not Motivation

"Whatever the Chief's accomplish today at Gillette Stadium and throughout the rest of the season, it will be a by product of Having The Right Attitude."

Pinkney Rises To Pirates Stardom

"During that time Reggie also taught the youngest of his five children (four by a previous marriage) about Having The Right Attiude, sportsmanship and how to deal with adversity as well as farvently competing."

Attitude Is Everything During Hiring Process

"Having The Right Attiude also means showing professonalism at all times and being mindful of what you say to others...Another examply of Having The Right Attitude is not to disclose too much personal informatioin during the hiring process."

Olympics Surge Kids Gymnastics

"Having The Right Attitude is ninety percent of what adults struggle with when they face health issues as thet get older. Trying to get adults in exercise withour this foundation from when they were children is nearly impossible. Fit kids become fit adults."

Martin Laurent Plays It Cool About Icdeland Trip

"I don't like to talk about the attitude because we are all professionals and we get a lot of money to play football. So we should go into each game with The Right Attitude. There's no excuse for not Having The Right Attitude - even though we play against an Icelandic team and are favorites to win, you need to Have The Right Attitude to win everytime you start a game."

"The best part of this is that Having The Right Attitude will affect your relationship marketing."


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