Achieving Your Promises
How to Reverse Your Circumstances and Realize Your Dreams

Business Consulting



Achieving Your Promises, LLC provides custom business consulting services. We'll point your enterprise in a better direction, whether your business is a small start-up, or a large corporation. We will enhance employee motivation, and increase their willingness to do whatever it takes to make your business succeed!


There are three keys to achieving business success:



  • Better communication around the office


  • Smiling faces every direction you turn


  • Friendly and giving attitudes; more work gets done in less time



These characteristics will make your business succeed in the near future, as well as in the years to come.


If you’re ready for a change, make that decision now! Contact us today and make the current situation a "win-win" situation.

"Make a PROMISE that you will read and re-read this fantastic book from cover-to-cover. Timothy Patton is a true warrior who believes in taking action. Now it is YOUR turn – take action by implementing the suggestions in this book and allowing Timothy to guide you to whatever it is that YOUR heart desires. You attracted this book into your life. NOW is your time! A-Ho!" ~ Julie Jones

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