Achieving Your Promises
How to Reverse Your Circumstances and Realize Your Dreams




Achieving Your Promises seminars assist you in the growth process, keep you energized, inspire you to keep moving forward, and keep you positive throughout the day. These seminars are put on many times per year all over the country, and are changing the way people look at life.


Our seminars will keep you motivated to accomplish whatever you want or need in life. You will have the determination and commitment to accomplish your dreams!


If you're the type of person that learns best with interaction between other people and being at an interactive event in person, then seminars are the route that you want to take! If you're the shy type of person that learns best by receiving a lot of written notes, then you'll find these events enjoying. Whatever type of person you are, you will enjoy this event immensely, guaranteed. Achieving Your Promises seminars are put on nationwide. They are teaching people step-by-step the things they need to do to become a success and obtain anything they desire.


Achieving Your Promises seminars are intense three-day weekend events that will turn your life around. You will add to your current level of success, progress to your desired income, and become a much happier person enjoying life!

"Achieving Your Promises belongs at the top of your MUST-READ stack of self-development reading. If you are TIRED OF ENDLESSLY SETTING GOALS, but never achieving them, then you are ready for the reality of the unique focus of Timothy's book: MAKING A PROMISE TO YOURSELF TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS. It is time to get what you want by keeping your word to yourself. Learn from a man who has met and overcome more personal adversity in his 29 years than most of us will face in our lifetime." Donald M. Burrows author of Plan While You Still Can: 16 End-of-Life Checklists You Need Now

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