Achieving Your Promises
How to Reverse Your Circumstances and Realize Your Dreams


"I have read the introduction to your book and I must say that I am intrigued. You and I are on similar paths. Your story is truly inspiring." - Jon Ketcham

(Here's a message I just received from J.K. on 11/30/2018)
"Wow! Time really flies, my friend. My FAVORITE part about Achieving Your Promises is how you switch up "goals" with "promises" because of the much stronger meaning they evoke. One of my favorite quotes of yours is from page 71 (one of the many I highlighted) where you said, "Get out there and do something different from everyone else... There's no rule that says you have to be like everyone else." And, of course, the quotes you included from others were quite meaningful as well. Rick Warren's quote (power quote #32), Robert Kiyosaki's quote (power quote #36) and all of the Jim Rohn quotes are excellent too. My favorite story was titled "Attitude Is Everything" by Francie Baltazar-Schwartz. Having been on death's doorstep myself before, this powerful story really spoke to me. However, the MOST POWERFUL part of Achieving Your Promises, BY FAR, is the last chapter in the book! Your story of how you and Christy met, and the tremendous strength and courage you demonstrated in coming to terms with such a catastrophic loss, makes the whole book. That's where your TEDx talk lives, in my humble opinion. That's where you shine the most as an example for all of us, regardless what curves life might throw our way."

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This is the introduction to my new book Achieving Your Promises How to Reverse Your Circumstances and Realize Your Dreams.You are going to receive the entire introduction (7 pages).You have the option of either continuing to read the short articles based on every chapter throughout the book or going to now, signing up for the list on the right to receive the entire book for free.

B.J. Armstrong of the Chicago Bulls and I in 1991.

Achieving Your Promises

How to Reverse Your Circumstances and Realize Your Dreams

In June 1991, I was in a car accident. Chris and I were picked up from basketball camp by his sister. We decided to go miniature golfing, and as we turned in, a semi truck carrying steel came and hit us on the passenger side of the car. My head flew through the window and broke the glass causing the glass to get inside my eye, cut the cornea, and cause my perfect vision to be distorted to 20/70. I was in a coma for seven days. When I got out of that coma, I made a promise to myself that I was going to accomplish my dreams no matter what! I couldnít walk, talk, multiply, or divide. I couldnít remember that I had just had a birthday in May. I had to go through rehabilitation, learn how to communicate with people again, I lost friends, got in fights, was made fun of, put on medication, saw doctors continuously, had sorrowful moments filled with tears, and didnít know how I was going to come back to be myself again, but I was going to do it no matter what!

When I came out of my coma, I was determined to succeed.My whole right side was paralyzed, so I had to relearn basic motor skills.I promised myself that I would learn how to walk again.While I was in the hospital, people were trying to talk to me but were getting no response in return. Then, one day, words just began coming out of my mouth. I made a promise to myself that I would talk again. I had forgotten my basic math skills, so I made a promise to relearn how to multiply and divide, and I did.The list of promises continues even today. The car accident I will talk about throughout the book as it relates to accomplishing your dreams.

As you continue to read this book, I recommend you highlight the things that stand out to you so that you can review them later. Highlighted words will allow you to review previously read chapters and pick out the important points you want to remember immediately.Now let's discuss how to accomplish your dreams.You will accomplish your dreams by first getting the word goal out of your head and changing it to promises. Goals are made every day by millions of people, and then when they donít accomplish them, they think to themselves, ďNo big deal.ĒThatís one of the many reasons why a majority of the population is failing every day.A goal is believed by many to be just a word that some people use to describe what they plan on accomplishing over the next year. At the beginning of every year, almost everyone makes a New Yearís Resolution to lose weight, stop eating candy, succeed in business in a certain way, build up their body, make better relationships with their significant other, etc.We all make these commitments and call them goals.At the first of the year, we all jump off to a good start, weíre rolling; then a month goes by, we begin to get tired; two months, we start slacking off; three months go by, and by that time youíre sick and tired of working so hard to accomplish your goal that you just give up. Remember this quote by, Napoleon Hill, ďA quitter never wins and a winner never quits.Ē

Instead of calling these things you want to accomplish goals, you will begin to call them promises.Write out your promises, go over them daily, and never give up!Promises have a much stronger meaning to us than goals.When someone promises to do something, they are going to get it done no matter what!When you make a promise to someone, they are most definitely expecting you to follow through with what you said, or you are not only going to have that one person upset with you, you will probably have many other people upset also.When you put the word promise next to a task you want to accomplish, there is a 98% chance that you are going to get it done.When you make your promise, tell it to other people, and that will make you feel even more responsible for undertaking the action required.I made a promise to myself in 1991.

The difference between a goal and a promise is that goals get broken every day.If I would have said to myself when I was in the hospital that I would like to set some goals for myself to accomplish the tasks in the future, none of them would have been accomplished.When people set goals, they expect to fail.They donít think itís a big deal if they donít succeed.Itís not going to affect anyone.Well, let me say it again, call your goals promises from now on, write them out, and be sure to tell everyone about your promises!When you tell people about your promises, that will make you more and more dedicated to accomplishing your promises and reaching your dreams faster than you can imagine!

When you make the decision to call your dreams promises, write them out and tell others about your aspirations, then I will show you exactly how to do what the subtitle of this book promises.You will be shown that anything is possible with the right mindset, attitude, and level of energy.Make the decision to read this book until the end and follow the instructions step by step.You will be amazed and shocked by the results. You will see how easy it is to accomplish your dreams. If you are willing to do whatever it takes, then you are the type of person who was meant to read this book!

Letís begin the process by identifying why you are reading this book. What is it that is bothering you? What challenges do you face? What do you want to overcome? What would you like to accomplish after reading this book?You will have all the tools. tips, strategies, and techniques needed to accomplish anything you want by the end of this book.Are you getting your finances in order after declaring bankruptcy?Are you tired, worn out, or sick and tired of work?Is your credit horrible and you donít know what to do about it? Has your spouse left you?Do you struggle to understand why certain things happen? Would you like to know what your purpose is here on Earth? Have you been laid off continuously?Have you lost a loved one and donít know what to do next?Whatever your situation is, whether it is listed here or not, the answer on how youíre going to overcome these adversities will be shown in the pages to come.

What is it that is upsetting you? Is it family, friends, work, appearance, money, health, or another circumstance?Whatever your circumstance may be, I want you to know that you donít have to accept what is going on. Anything that may be upsetting to you can be changed by the flick of a switch. You create your own future, no one else, unless you let them.All that negativity around you is surrounding you because you are letting it into your world.You donít have to be part of it.Itís on television constantly, in the newspaper, and it is coming out of peopleís mouths constantly.You see it all around you all the time because you are letting it into your world.Itís all about what you allow into your world.You can live a happy, positive, fulfilling life or you can stay focused on all the bad things happening around the world.It is up to you.If you want to be happy and youíre not right now, then a change has to be made. If you are unhappy and satisfied being unhappy, then donít make a change.It is as simple as that.If you do want to make a change for yourself, your family, your friends, and the entire world, then continue reading to learn exactly how to do that. Thereís no reason to settle for anything, but the best!

You NOW need to make a promise to yourself that you will accomplish your dreams.To have a lot of money, become a millionaire, or save the world is not a dream. It is a promise and it must be written out in detail from A to Z. How much money do you want? What type of car do you want? Where do you want to live? What type of organizations are you going to help out? What professional sports team are you going to play on? Where are you going to travel? Do NOT make a promise to get out of debt. If you stay focused on getting out of debt you are going to remain in debt. Focus on giving life your all; 100% of your effort, whether thatís at your job, in your relationship, or with your family.What you focus on expands.When you focus on abundance, it will come naturally and with ease.Make a promise that you are going to accomplish your dreams.Do whatever it takes to make these promises happen.

The way youíre going to make this happen is by following the instructions in the book, doing the exercises, reading and rereading the material to make sure you understand what is being said, and continuing to grow each and every day.I will give you the knowledge and you will have the power to achieve you dreams, go beyond your promises, and change the world in ways you never thought possible. The journey has begun.You have taken the first step. Trust your feelings as you read this book, and you will see the amazing results that happen.Read this book one hour per day or whatever pace suits you. How fast would you like to accomplish your dreams?

The following chapters will explain to you step by step how you are going to do this. I will show you throughout this book how you are going to discover your lifeís purpose, you will learn how to visualize your future, youíll find out what it takes to accomplish your dreams, youíll learn how to take control of your career, what it takes to build a business and keep it running smoothly, how to balance your life, what to do to improve your health, getting the right amount of energy and keeping it.Learn how and when to rest your body and soul, nurture all of your relationships, make peace with others, become an optimist, communicate with your family, find the answers, treat others with respect, and finally youíll learn how to make sense out of eternity.Youíll learn the ways to make the things in your life work!

If you are true to your word and you want to take control of your life, you must promise that you will not only take control of your life, you must make a promise to yourself that you will read this entire book and implement these strategies in your life.By reading this far, you have shown that you are the type of person that is going to do whatever it takes to achieve your promises, and you are going to run full throttle through the finish line no matter what! You were put here for a reason and only you can make your dreams come true.

You may be thinking to yourself that this sounds like hard work.Well, yes it is.Every successful person in this world didnít get there by luck but they did. The few that did get there by luck most likely ended up losing it very quickly.You must be committed to your work, your career, your family, your spouse, and anything else where you would like to achieve success in the coming year. If youíre sick and tired of being sick and tired, then this book is for you.You will implement the strategies, put them into action, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and continue to become a better person every day.This will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! You will be satisfied, fulfilled, and overjoyed with happiness once you take the steps in this amazing journey!

Are you ready to begin to change your life? Good, then go back and skim over this introduction again. Look at what you have highlighted.Store the important points in your memory. Take your time. This is going to take time, effort, commitment, and patience.Move at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Donít ever strain yourself by reading beyond your comfort level. If you find yourself dozing off and remembering less, then just take a break. Every word in this book is imperative to your success, and you are going to become whatever you want as you put these strategies into action.Now letís begin.

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Achieving Your Promises, How to Reverse Your Circumstances and Realize Your Dreams
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Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant

Changing the Way People Look at Life

Achieving Your Promises, How to Reverse Your Circumstances and Realize Your Dreams

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