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"Helping Others In Need"

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Helping Hand Extended During Bushfires

"Ms. Foreman is not stranger to Helping Others In Need."

Servant Leader

"The University of Dayton is giving me $40,000 for college. That's huge! It gives me even more motivation to pay back that kindness by Helping Others In Need."

Hunt School Employee Receives County Recognition

"Smith is known for Helping Others In Need whether it is providing meals for a sick friend or lending an ear to someone who needs that support or is raising money to help find a cure."

Give Thanks For Good Health

"Help those less fortunate... Spread cheer by giving back, taking the focus off your own stress and Helping Others In Need."

Nice Day For A Stroll

"Somerset Elementary School has been supporting the Walk for the Homeless for the past 10 years. It enlightens our students about the importance of Helping Others In Need and giving back to the community."

Colorado Christians Praise Tebow's Strong Faith

"Tebow wrote about his faith in his book, and he acts on it, Helping Others In Need through the Tim Tebow Foundation."

Powerball Winner Looking Forward To Helping Family, Others

"Kathy Scruggs' top priority two weeks ago was finding a job. Now she's focusing on ways to help her family, starting a foundation and Helping Others In Need after winning the $25 million Powerball jackpot."

Tammy Joslyn Give From The Heart

"Often the people they help are overwhelmed with gratitude and seeing those people react that way inspires Joslyn to continue her group's mission. She said she works more that 40 hours a week and does not earn any salary or benefits. Just knowing she is Helping Others In Need is payment enough, she said."

How Can Parents Encourage Children To Help Others?

"We are not alone in this world and we all need to learn how to get along with others. Maybe the first step is Helping Others In Need."

Tibbot 3rd Graders Raise Over $300 For Japan Relief Effort

"The class read, 'Here's My Dollar', a story about a little girl who donated a dollar of her own money to help raise funds for a zoo and then wrote her local newspaper to ask others to donate a dollar. Her community responded with $600,000 in donations."

Gardens Teen Fulfills Herself While Helping Others In Need

"Like many teenagers interested in public service, Jaclyn Rosen enjoys helping families in need."

Clean Out Your Winter Wardrobe And Give Back In Style

"Donate and Do Good -- The reward of feeling freshly organized is fantastic, but you'll feel even better knowing that your unused items are Helping Others In Need."

10-Year-Old Girls Donate Lemonade Stand Money To Help Animals

"It's nice to know she is listening to her father and I when we stress to the kids that Helping Others In Need when you are able is important."

Familiar Sights Serve As Reminders To Give To Help Others

"The scene made me think about the importance of Helping Others In Need."

Romeo Celebrates His 21st Birthday, Helps Bring Awareness, And Raise Funds For Kids With Cancer

"Life is about love, loving your family, loving others, and loving God by Helping Others In Need."

Idaho Woman Runs 2500 Miles To Raise One Million Dollars!

"Lisa says aching feet and exhaustion is a small price to pay when it comes to Helping Others In Need."

This Man Has Definitely Experienced What It Is Like To Be In Need

Western New York Educators Totally Committed To Service

“For the past 23 years the retired high school math teacher has been focused on a singular goal — to have the first Friday in February designated as a worldwide school day to Help People In Need.”

A Child And Her Good Deed

“This holiday season, 7-year-old Emily Kovacs has proven that age has no bearing when it comes to Helping Others In Need.”

Make A Resolution To Volunteer Your Time

"Volunteering and Helping Others In Need gives you a golden opportunity to change the lives of others including your own."

Amputee Aims High With Marathon Run As Goal

"He said his son is committed to Helping Others In Need."

Still Moving At A Busy Pace

"This past summer, he spent close to 20 hours, picking up trash and assisting with efforts at the site. McCray says he doesn't think twice about Helping Others In Need. 'It's just a commitment to my community,' he said. 'I think everybody has an obligation to give back.'"

Helping Others In Need: Carla Groups Assist On Make A Difference Day

"Being a part of this organization has given me satisfaction because I am able to Help Those In Need," she said. "It is especially rewarding to help those in the armed forces as they are willing to risk their life for me. I want to do something to show my gratitude."

Change Ourselves

"Changing the world begins with each of us. If we change how we think and what we say and put more energy into Helping Others In Need, the ball begins rolling and others around us will be swept up into this new way of being."

Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat

"Don't worry the kids will probably still end up with too much candy, but they will also receive life lessons about Helping Others In Need."

Fitness Official Makes Splash For Good Cause

"Health Points director Kevin Conlon recently discovered there's more than one way to make a splash - and this one included Helping Others In Need."

Helping Hand In Afghanistan

"The U.S. Air Force presented a perfect fit upon her search for a rold that embraced her passion for Helping Others In Need while serving her country."

Spirituality Is Just A Hug Away

"She has been active in Helping Others In Need and has brought joy and peace to many by hugging them."

HAAM Volunteers Lend A Hand After Ike

"We do our best to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and one way we do this is by Helping Others In Need."

Kelsey Orndorff Will Live On In The Lives She Touched

"Kelsey Orndorf was a dynamic young lady who taught all of us, regardless of our age, the true meaning of giving of yourself and Helping Others In Need."

Tomato Festival In Auburn

"Besides the food and fun, the Tomato Festival is helping others in need by donating its proceeds to eight different Central New York food pantries."

Tomato Festival in Auburn

Local farmers brought a variety of tomatoes and other foods for people to sample and buy at the Tomato Festival in Auburn.

Kindness Never Outdated, Even When Food Is

"I also remember that helping others in need is never outdated."

On The Sidelines With Max Starks

"Community service was always stressed in my house too. My family is in the funeral business and being in the funeral business was like community service. You are providing a service and helping others in need. It’s habit now. I have always done it since I was a child working at a funeral. In middle school I became an elementary school tutor. I did it and loved it. I always had a passion for helping others, especially children."

Families Building Faith In Lyon Area Hosts Rummage Sale

"We like to put our faith into action by reaching out and helping those in need, Murphy said."

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“We believe in families. That's the foundation of our mission. So having an event where the entire family can participate is not only great for the families who need our help, it's great for the families helping those in need, said event coordinator Jill Wolf."

Ride On For Ronald McDonald

"We can't begin to thank the people who have helped not only our son, but all the other children here at the house," Kristi said. "It really means a lot to see so many people helping out in such a cool way."

Couple Named Outstanding Senior Citizens

"Al and Corinne are known for their community service and helping those in need. Al was quoted as saying, 'It's all about the other people, not me. The best thing that could happen when I help someone would be that when I walk away, they would ask 'Who was that man?'"

Panther's Club Continues Tradition Of Helping Needy

"From the Neediest Family Fund to the American Red Cross, the Panthers have continually risen to the challenge of helping those in need. They regularly donate the use of their function hall to host events for local charities.

Times are getting tougher for everyone and we're feeling the crunch as a nonprofit organization, said Mr. Fonseca noting that people have more demands for both their time and money. But that doesn't mean we can stop doing what we do. There are people out there who need us."

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