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Start Your Week On A Positive Note

"Staying Positive can quickly make you look at any hopeless situation and see a silver lining somewhere in it."

Staying Positive

"You are more creative and think more clearly when you are being Positive."

Staying Positive

"Everyone has the ability to Stay Positive, but few people actually do. Being positive in your life doesn't mean that everything is going well."

Staying Positive In A Negative World

"Have you ever wondered if all of the negative events going on in the world are affecting you? Do these negative events cause negative messages in us that affect our physical and mental well-being?"

"What example am I going to show if I do get frustrated during the game? I have to be able to stay focused on the task at hand. 'I firmly believe what's done is done. You have to look forward. You have to keep working. You have to have fun at this thing'..."

3 Ways To Stay Positive In The Face Of Business Adversity

"The key to Staying Positive through the bad times is to understand that they are inevitable. ... Remember that positive thinking is the key to success, and don't let the occasional setback keep you from achieving your dreams!"

Man Walks Across Country To Help Heart Transplant Recipients

"It's really just a matter of Staying Positive and focusing on positive thoughts," Tittinger said."

Climbing Out: Surviving The Unemployment Blues

"It may be tough, but Dr. Ford says Staying Positive is essential. Surround yourself with positive people, watch positive TV, and take notice of everything that is right in your life."

Federer Staying Positive Despite Australian Open Disappointment

"I don't think it was a bad match. I can move on from this with a good mindset, to be honest."

Staying Positive Despite Bad Luck

"Eastern senior midfielder Sarah Rusk is known for her upbeat attitude that fuels the Panther soccer squad."

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

"Jones feels that Staying Positive is a very helpful way to recover from anything. ...If you're positive and active and look to the future, you're going to have a long life. And helping people is the most important thing."

The Small Things Make A Big Difference

"Meb Keflezighi says Staying Positive and stretching are the keys to overcoming and avoiding injury."

Cheerful Attitude Good For The Heart: Scientists

“Canadian researchers say Staying Positive, with a regular hearty laugh are very good for your heart.”  

New Job Survey Offers Insight, Tips For Jobseekers

“Yahoo! HotJobs Senior Editor Tom Musbach says it is difficult, but one of the main things to a successful job hunt is Staying Positive.”

Staying Positive Important For Healthy Lifestyle

"When someone does something nice for you, remember to 'pay it forward' to someone else."

Winless Maple Leaves Upbeat As They Take Off For Five Game Road Trip

"It's all about Staying Positive," said defenceman Mike Komisarek. "It's easy to get caught up in the negativity if you follow what the media (are saying). You can't let it get to you, you have to stay positive. The results haven't been there and you have to build somewhere - and that starts in practice for us."

Man's Story Featured In Chicken Soup For The Soul: Extraordinary Teens

"Godnick, of Taylorsville, shared his story about Staying Positive in the wake of devestating personal trials in Chicken Soup For The Soul: Extraordinary Tenns, released last month, which also features essays by Anna Kournikouva, Ryan Cabrera, Donald Trump Jr., and other notable youths... "He's just a positive person," said Natalie Godnick, Dustin's wife. "He has a good attitude. He keeps a good mind-set. He's good at thinking of the bright side of things, thinking the best about everything even if it's hard. I like that about him. He was different that way."


Rinkside Manner Helps Players Heal

“He keeps you focused on getting back into shape and getting healthy and staying positive."

Watford Defender Jay DeMerit Is Staying Positive As He Contemplates Eye Surgery

I had to go through this surgery. It was glass that cut my cornea.

Staying Positive Helps In Job Search

“During the investigation researchers found certain planning activities and positive emotions have a large impact on success in finding a job.”

Advice On Helping Kids Adjust To A New School

“Mooresville Intermediate School Counselor Kathi Wilson said parents can help ease the transition by Staying Positive and reassuring children.”

Staying Positive Around Negative People

"You are happily rolling along with your day when the phone rings. 'You are not going to believe what they have done to me now!', says the caller."

Staying Motivated

"Staying Positive for a friend in need can leave you with a more positive attitude towards your own plan."

Thank You All

"I keep talking to people about Staying Positive, and staying active.  It's easy to say; it's easier to do it when you have supportive people around you."

Jacobs: Staying Positive Crucial

“The St. Clair resident has had a renowned golf career, all based off the power of positive thinking… ‘She is so good with the mental aspect of the game,’ St. Clair's Dick Groff said. ‘You think you know some things, but she really helped everyone understand even more the importance of thinking positively’… ‘The message I hope everyone leaves with is positive energy and positive thinking can serve you in life and in business,’ Jacobs said. ‘It is much more productive than caving into negative thoughts.’"

Kelly Clarkson Talks Working Out And Staying Positive

“Self confidence comes from not focusing on yourself,” Kelly said of her positive outlook.

Using Positive Affirmations To Change Negative Frames Of Mind

“Staying confident, Staying Positive, and working at not putting oneself down are key factors in dissolving negative trains of thought.”

Staying Positive is Crucial, says Massa

“FUJI SPEEDWAY: Felipe Massa says staying positive will be crucial at the Japan Grand Prix this week as he attempts to close the gap on world championship leader Lewis Hamilton.”

How To De-Stress Your Sex-Life

"3. Staying Positive . Bite your tongue if you''re about to complain. Stressful situations are hard enough to deal with. Don''t add to the situation if you can avoid doing so."

Apollo Volleyball Young, Team Unity Necessary

"He said teammates Staying Positive and working hard is the only way the team can continue to improve."

Morning Calestenics Kick Off Drug-Free Month

"A.J. Kruger, of Ashland, who participated in the 2008 Olympic Trials in the hammer throw, told students his message was about making good choices and Staying Positive."

Very Good Article!

"Looking after your physical fitness is key to Staying Positive, so make time in your day to eat nutritious meals, drink plenty of water instead of alcohol and caffeine and exercise a little each day - even if it's only a walk around the block."

Bulls RB Williams Returns to Practice

"I'm working hard and trying to get better," the Robinson grad said. "You can't change the past, so you have to move forward. If you get down on yourself and let that beat you up, it's going to be tough."

Sonny, It's Good to be Home

"Sonny's dad Robert Wells said the family is determined to Stay Positive to aid his recovery. The 44-year-old, of Liddiards Way, Purbrook, said: 'We are Staying Positive and are just going to deal with the things that come our way. He wants to sort himself out and live on his own.'"

Federer Caps Off Disappointing Year with Open Title

"Not every one believed Federer when he said that he was Staying Positive and knew that his time would come again."

Theo Scott Talks Injury

"It is what it is. I can’t do anything about it. It’s just one of those freaky accidents. I’m just Staying Positive and refocusing on my teammates. I’m just basically being a coach right now, keeping guys motivated and having fun. That’s all you can do right now is think Positive and win a MAC championship."

Burley Staying Positive

"It's easy for people to knock us but we've had one game and I wasn't disappointed with the commitment and attitude the players showed in the second half, so let's take it on to the next game."

Our Daughter Will be an Orphan

"I'm not too sure what people mean when they talk about "Staying Positive", but I learned to take pleasure in the mundane - simply drinking coffee or reading a newspaper took on new significance."

Kaneria determined to return fitter than ever

"I am Staying Positive about the injury because these things happen in cricket. Instead of being miserable about it I am actually viewing this time as an opportunity to get myself stronger and fitter than I have been for a long time."

Happiness Can Cut Breast Cancer Risk

"A happy and optimistic outlook can cut a woman's risk of developing breast cancer, says a new study."

Inspiring Story of Tyler Jones Resonates Far and Wide

"I want to commend you for such a moving, beautiful story about a young man who is Staying Positive through such adversity. He is very special, and I don't doubt we will likely read more about his accomplishments in the future."

Staying Up in a Down Economy

"No matter what business you are in begin to think like an ENTREPRENEUR. Own your future."

Expert: Staying Positive Best Route to Improving an Organization

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - "Focusing on what works instead of what doesn't is the best way to inspire positive change in an organization, says a Purdue University expert."

Positive Thinking May Protect Against Breast Cancer

ScienceDaily (Aug. 21, 2008)
— "Feelings of happiness and optimism play a positive role against breast cancer. New research suggests that while Staying Positive has a protective role, adverse life events such as the loss of a parent or close relative, divorce or the loss of a spouse can increase a woman's risk of developing the disease."

Positive Thinking May Protect Against Breast Cancer X2

"Feelings of happiness and optimism play a positive role against breast cancer. Research published today in the open access journal BMC Cancer suggests that while Staying Positive has a protective role, adverse life events such as the loss of a parent or close relative, divorce or the loss of a spouse can increase a woman's risk of developing the disease."

LF's Saltarelli Finishes Up Super Summer

"I just realized the major thing is Staying Positive and keeping my teammate up," said Saltarelli, who flourished on both the doubles and singles courts. "I wasn't getting down on myself."

Get Straight To The Point With Grace Dent

"But Rachel is Staying Positive. If you asked Rachel whether the glass was half full or half empty..."

You're Gonna Love Me

"Well this loss is definitely the most difficult thing that I've been through as a man in my life..."

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